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Music – Frequently Asked Questions:

How can we be sure that the music we choose for our wedding will be appropriate?
Our Music Director is a valuable resource and can guide you through all aspects of choosing the music for your wedding liturgy.

Is it possible to have a friend or relative sing at our wedding?
The musical demands of a Catholic wedding liturgy are quite complex, requiring considerable expertise to be done well. Our Music Director can advise you concerning our parish policy on this matter and whether this person is the best choice.

We have a song which is “special” for us. May we request that it be sung at our wedding liturgy?
The wedding liturgy is concerned with the spiritual dimension of love. Songs sung at this liturgy must express not only your love for each other, but also the love of God – the source of all love.

Could our “special” song be sung before the wedding liturgy begins or played as prelude music?
Prelude music and songs before the wedding liturgy set the tone for the Sacrament of Christian Marriage which is about to take place. Secular music which is not permitted during the wedding liturgy would also not be permitted for prelude music.

Our “special” song was sung at my cousin’s wedding. Why can’t it be sung at ours?
While secular and popular songs have been used at times in some parishes by musicians and clergy who are unfamiliar with or simply disregard the Church’s teachings regarding Sacred Music, they have never been permitted. Again, Church guidelines do not permit the use of secular music during the Sacred Liturgy.

Is it appropriate to use other instruments besides the organ during our wedding liturgy?
Other instruments (such as trumpet, flute, harp or guitar) are often used at wedding liturgies and can add to the musical dimension. All contracting and hiring of outside professional personnel must be arranged by our Music Director.

May we hire another organist or musical group not associated with the parish?
Some parishes have contractual agreements and/or policies concerning the use of anyone other than their Music Director at wedding.

Any and all Questions on Music at St. Martha Church must be addressed with the Music Director.

Music Director –  Virginia Bray