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Parish Pastoral Council

The function of the Parish Pastoral Council is to investigate and consider matters relating to pastoral activity and to formulate practical conclusions concerning them.  This is a consultative body which serves to advise St. Martha’s Pastor regarding pastoral issues.

The Parish Pastoral Council is represented by at least nine (9) and no more than twenty-five (25) lay people and clergy from within St. Martha’s Parish.  Regular members are voting members who count toward a quorum and include three permanent positions:  1) St. Martha School Principal or representative, 2) Director of Religious Education and 3) Finance Council representative.  The Pastor has the privilege and authority to appoint the remaining regular members, usually from among a rotation of representatives of the various Parish Ministries.  Elected members are voting members who count toward a quorum and include up to three (3) members elected by Parishioners every year on a three year cycle.  There may be up to nine (9) elected members.  The Pastor is an ex-officio (by right of his office) member of the Parish Council.  He neither votes, nor is included in a quorum count on matters brought before the Council.  The Pastor may appoint additional ex-officio members at his discretion.