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Fellow Parishioners,
Thank you for sharing your recipe for a successful marriage; it may help our engaged couples find their way!

“Try to find middle ground.”   (14 years married ) 

“Communication – Talk but really listen.”   (31 years married)

“Compromise.”   (32 years married)

“Respect each other’s opinions.”    (39 years married)

“Perseverance.  Respect each other and their different faith.”   (39 years married)

“Teamwork and humor. Get along with your spouse’s family. Do not hold grudges.”   (39 years married)

“Wait for proper time to talk about heavy or hurtful subjects.”   ( 40 years married)

“Compromise and have Fun & Laugh. ”   (42 years married)

“Common goals. Common faith. Common politics. Sense of humor.”   (46 years married)

“Always think of your partner First.”  (46 years married)

“Win a few battles now and then.”   (53 years married)

“Patience, understanding, helpfulness and sense of humor.”  (61 years Married)

Luke 11:33
“No one who lights a lamp hides it away or places it [under a basket], but on a lampstand so that those who enter might see the light.”

Thank God every day for what you have together.
Ask yourself, What am I so thankful for ? What am I so Happy about ?
Keep God as the center of your life ! Pray often and ask for God’s Help !