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WTL – Mentor Couple
The Diocese of Venice in Florida uses the “Witness to Love” marriage preparation program that is mentor-based. Engaged couples are required to select their own mentor couple but there may be times when they know no one in the parish, therefore we are looking for a number of “showcase” mentor couples to act as a back-up resource. The engaged couple meets with their mentor couple several times over an eight-month period. Workbooks and web-based videos are provided for their discussions. It is not necessary for mentors to have a knowledge of the theology of marriage. Training is provided for mentors.

Mentor couples must be in a valid Catholic marriage for at least five years, be active in the Church, not be relatives or personal friends of the engaged couple and be willing to help make the future marriages of engaged couples better through their experiences.

If you are willing to assist the parish in this rewarding work, please provide us with the information below.

Husband: _____________________________________________________

Wife: ________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

Tel: _______________________ E-mail: ___________________________

Years married: ______ Valid marriage? ______ Children at home? ______


Jim and Agnes Rutushni
St. Martha Marriage Preparation Coordinators
(941) 960-5128